As a first-time escort, there are a lot of things that you should think about, other than being extremely attractive and sexy. If you have already chosen this profession, then you should do your best to set up your profile and work on your skills in order to guarantee more customers.

Men Like All Women:

A lot of women are extremely insecure about their physical appearance although men usually say that they are attractive. If you are already meeting up with a client, then they most probably have already seen your pictures and are excited about getting to know a sexy woman like yourself. Be confident and make them feel that you know what you’re doing. Men love it when they feel that you are in control, especially if it is their first time to hire an escort.

Be Nice:

Most men don’t hire escorts just for sex. A lot of them are actually hiring escorts to get over an emotional trauma like a divorce or a breakup. Some of them also want to spend time with a sexy woman without having to deal with the emotional load that is naturally present in a real boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. This means that you should be kind, courteous and ready to pamper your client. A lot of men tell escorts thing that they would never tell their closest friends.

Be Cautious:

Whether you are working alone or through an agency, you should try to make sure that everything is as safe as possible. If you are meeting your client for an outcall, let somebody know where you are going to be and how much time you are probably going to spend with your client. You don’t have to carry a lot of cash or wear expensive jewelry. An agency guarantees that everything will be screened, checked and you might even have someone drive or pick you up which is a great choice especially if you are still a beginner.

Check your Money:

In order to guarantee that your services are legal, you shouldn’t exchange money with your clients. Your client should put the money somewhere where you can clearly see it. This is called a donation and might include the fees that the agency charges in addition to your tip. Always check and put your money in a safe place before asking your client about they want to do.

Safety Comes First:

Most of the time, your client already knows what to expect beforehand. But you can still tell them about your terms and conditions one more time. Always carry condoms with you just in case even if you aren’t planning to sleep with your client. You might change your mind later on.

The key to being a successful escort is to provide the clients with the best value for the money they paid. At the same time, you shouldn’t stretch your own limits or break any rules. Be sexy and seductive and make sure that you are both enjoying your time together.