Hiring an escort is an experience that most people don’t usually share with their friends or acquaintances. Whether you are hiring an independent escort or someone who works for an agency, there are a few things you should know. Knowing the do’s and the don’ts will help you enjoy your experience. At the same time, you can guarantee that you will establish a good rapport with the escort, in case you want to hire her one more time.

Things You Should Do:

  • Do your homework. The best way is to research online for agencies that offer the kind of services you are interested in. If their websites don’t contain all the information you would need, you can contact them for more details. Ask about the prices, the method of payment and the place where you could meet up with the escort. Most freelancers have their own websites, too.
  • Get your body ready for your encounter. If you are hiring an escort for non-sexual services, you still need to take a shower and dress nicely for your date. If you are planning to have sex, you should be prepared to be screened by the agency or the escort. An escort will refuse to get physical with you if you haven’t showered or if you have an STD. She will also most probably refuse to have sex with you if you are not wearing a condom.
  • Be discrete. An escort will value privacy and discretion as much as you do. If you are meeting at her place, ask for directions and arrive on time. If she is coming to you, make sure that you are available and that your place is ready.
  • Be nice to your escort. She is a professional but she is a human being after all. You can’t be rude to her and expect her to be nice to you. Set the mood for meeting up with her and get the money ready.

Things You Shouldn’t Do:

  • Don’t try to bargain the price, especially after the arrival of your escort. Escort agencies, as well as freelancers, appreciate clients who value their services.
  • Don’t contact your escort from a private number. An agency or a freelancer escort should be able to screen clients before offering them any services. If you are trying to stay anonymous, they will most probably dismiss your call.
  • Don’t try to break the rules. Asking for something that hasn’t been agreed upon is out of the question. Some escorts will only offer non-sexual services. Others are Ok with kinky fetishes. Pick someone who is OK with what you have in mind.
  • Don’t try to be forceful or disrespectful. Freelancers and agency escorts have safety and security strategies that they use in case things get weird.

Escorts are nice and professional ladies who have the right skills to make you enjoy your time. They are well trained to deal with different customers but you still have to act like a gentleman. Treating your escort nicely guarantees that you will both enjoy the experience.